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And it's time companies learnt from apps

A little PS to our last blog

We’ve already written about how apps need to think more like brands. Enough said.

Curiously, though, it’s a two-way process and one that’s changing things for the better. The good things about apps – that they need a tight idea and do one thing well – are influencing everything else. And small companies are starting to look more like mini apps.

A van that thinks it's an app

It could be that the rise of mini businesses everywhere – from craft beer to street food stalls – are all part of the same phenomenon. Going to most street food markets is a little like going to the App Store. Each one’s got a snappy name, a one-line description and a tight offer. Do you want a katsu burger or fancy scotch egg? There’s a stall for that. There’s also an app to help you find it, as it happens.