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Another slice of panettone: Christmas words for Carluccio's

Another year, another Christmas annual for Carluccio's
Another year, another Christmas annual for Carluccio’s.

Christmas. 'Tis the season to write lots of hackneyed headlines and carol puns (like we just did there). We write Carluccio’s Christmas annual for them every year. We try hard to make it something different each time, without doing anything too obviously Christmassy.

For their 2015 annual, they asked us to write the words for a notebook. They’d already worked with an illustrator, Daniel Haskett, who’d been on a trip around Italy to meet and illustrate their producers for their packaging.

This one's a notebook.
This one’s a notebook…

We themed the annual around ‘beginnings’, showing all the work that goes into handmade chocolates or a box of panettone, long before tinsel appears on Oxford Street.

...themed around beginnings.
…themed around beginnings.

Each little story features sketches – the starting points of illustrations for this year’s packaging.

Starting in January.
Starting in January.



and ending in December.
And ending in December.

Look out for our Christmas words for Gail’s Bakery coming to a posh part of London – possibly near you – too.