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The first in an occasional series of ideas clients didn’t go for. This one’s for Duppy Share rum and shows you how we write stuff on social. You can read more about the tricky business of content in our new how-to guide.

Our take is that a lot of what brands post on social is flimsy and relies on nice-looking images to do all the work. The idea and words are afterthoughts. We think it’d be better if posts were more like ad campaigns: good ideas with clever executions.

Here’s an idea that never saw the light of day for Duppy Share rum, but we liked working on it anyway. There’s only so much you can do with cocktail recipes and photos of bottles, so their posts needed more to hold them together. One of our ideas was to make them shorthand for the high life: ‘Soho House on a yacht in the Caribbean (while sunbathing, not actual sailing, darling)’. All with a cheeky wink at how ridiculous it is. We pitched making their social feed more like an ad campaign, self-consciously sending themselves up.

What could've been for Duppy Share.
What Duppy Share could've been.
If the client had gone for this (they didn’t), you could see how Duppy Share’s content could have become a series of different things and witty posts underneath a broader ‘campaign’. One idea, lots of executions.

Have a look at more examples and our schtick about planning and writing content for brands in our new how-to guide.