theres nuthin worse than a brand trying 2 get down with da kids.

& its even worse when they try 2 write like them. like KitKat did with its ‘OMG! MY CHUNKY JUST GOT FUNKY!’ adz last yr.

so when we came across an email the other day with da subject ‘Gr8 News‘ we thought it mite be 4 a chocol8 bar. or even 4 a mobile phone brand.

it woz actually a bank.

herez da start of da same email:

An email that didn't make us LOL.
An email that didn't make us LOL.

2 b clear, we r not havin a go at txt language, or bangin on about the state of gramR nowadays.

we R saying that brands shudnt try 2 sound like da people they r selling 2. its annoying 2 read. it makes u sound try hard. & itz just lame.

but a bank selling mortgages? thatz the worst weve seen yet (& the tone is all over da place, but thats anther story).

Smile (or :=) ): wot were u thinkin? da average age of a first time buyer is 34 not 15. u shud be shouting frm the rooftops that u r an ethical bank (and about da awards u have won 4 customer service). not acting like an unkool dad @ da disco.