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‘Nothing changes without you’: here’s Greenpeace’s campaign video featuring the concept and words we came up with to celebrate their 50th birthday.

The brief was to create a campaign that would thank – and go down well with – their supporters. We played with a ‘growing old disgracefully’ idea, as well as a concept to show how Greenpeace is always ahead of its time, doing things that are first considered ‘fringe’ (like ditching fossil fuels), but that then become mainstream.

The ‘without you’ route they went for was a simple and adaptable system to showcase the things Greenpeace couldn’t have done without their supporters’ help.​​ And from the reaction to the video, they judged it right. ​So happy birthday, Greenpeace! (Read more about how we helped Greenpeace with their tone of voice here.)

Above: a wordy system that Greenpeace can use in different ways to showcase their successes and thank their supporters for the part they played in making them happen.