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Just don't do it

We think we’ve uncovered a global conspiracy to make all straplines sound the same. American Express’ strapline used to be ‘Don’t Leave Home Without It’ and now it’s ‘Realise Your Potential’. They had a memorable line and now they could be anyone. If they swapped their line with Microsoft’s ‘Your potential. Our passion’ we bet no-one would blink an eye.

So last week, when the founder of Leon (or @Henry_Leon as his Twitter pals know him), asked his followers what they’d think if Leon changed their strapline from ‘naturally fast food’ to ‘global fast food’, we were intrigued to see what would happen.

The Question from @Henry_Leon

If we described Leon as “Global Fast Food” rather than “Naturally Fast Food” would you kill us?

The Answers from his Twitter followers

Global sounds like it may have travelled a long way.

I don’t think it sounds as good. Puts me in mind of Deliverance, which confuses the bejeezus out of me.

Personally think naturally is better.

“Global Fast Food” sounds like McD, BK, KFC. “Natural Global fast Food”??

Two different messages. Global sounds a little more multinational/faceless corporation. It ain’t broke, so why fix it?

Isn’t MacDonald’s global fast food?

Slightly more realistic to call it Londoncentric fast food though, no?

The word Global reminds me of Giraffe. That cannot be a good thing.

I prefer ‘Naturally’ it’s a clear message about values – not sure what ‘Globally’ would be trying to impart?

I think it’s a subtle distinction that loses something about Leon’s lovely USP. But what do I know?

It sounds a bit naff. Like ‘fusion’.

I think it would be less representative of what you do…

I don’t think of your cuisine as global. It is eclectic – Giraffe does the “global” shtick

“Global fast food” conjures up images of air miles and bland homogeneity. Would be a mistake, I think

Sounds a bit like a stall at Glastonbury. In the 80’s. But the food’ll still be lovely so…

Henry_Leon’s reply to all those responses

thank you for that wonderful lashing. I feel a new man.

* * *

The difference is one word, and as you can see, Leon’s fans didn’t think much of it. They all instinctively said DON’T DO IT. But good on @Henry_Leon for taking it on the chin.

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