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Sarah Lund and Saga Norén were moving to the UK (kind of) and Viaplay, the Nordic streaming company, asked us for some ideas to launch their service over here. Nordic Noir was always going to be the way in and the brief included some photos of where Viaplay’s ads were going to appear. The beautiful view over the A3220 through West London looked exactly like locations in The Killing or The Bridge to us… job done!

Their media planning locations looked like a Nordic Noir set.
A Nordic Noir home from home: where Viaplay’s UK launch ads were going to be.
Do you ever feel like you're driving through a Nordic Noir set?
It's never just a bridge - is it?
Nordic Noir on a plate! These ads pretty much wrote themselves.
All this needs is a Swedish tortured detective.
Nordic TV directors would kill for this lighting.
Train carriage ad
We played with locations in different ways, too. A train platform or a carriage – all perfect settings for your next favourite Nordic Noir TV series. Watch your back.
In Scandinavia this is a crime scene
We gave Viaplay lots of different routes and ideas. Another route was all about the UK’s love of Scandinavian interiors (once we’d all bought patterned jumpers, lampshades were next on the shopping list). Even amid a grizzly plot twist, there’s always time to Google a stylish Danish sofa…
Nordic lampshade ad

We had a lot of fun writing these, but they never saw the murky Nordic Noir light of day (or a designer – so excuse our mock-ups). And now Viaplay has paused its UK operations to focus on Scandinavia again… Farväl for now, Viaplay.

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